Sumner Regional Medical Center is pledged to providing necessary medical care routinely available at the hospital to all residents of the City of Wellington, and surrounding areas, regardless of ability to pay. In fulfilling this pledge, the Board of Trustees and Administration have developed guidelines to uniformly evaluate requests for financial assistance. Sumner Regional Medical Center and Administration reserve the right to make the final determination regarding the type or amount of financial assistance to be provided based upon all available information. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all information requested in this application. Any application, which is believed to be incomplete or contain false and misleading information, may be denied or delayed.

Individuals and their legal dependents whose income, liquid assets and other assets which are not necessary for reasonable health and well-being, fall below the guidelines set out by the Hospital will be considered for the level of financial assistance they fall into once this application is reviewed. In making the determination, Sumner Regional Medical Center will allow the deduction of certain extraordinary losses from income. Examples of losses which Sumner Regional Medical Center is willing to consider on a case by case basis might be medical bills, prescription drug charges and casualty losses that are not reimbursed by insurance. Current rates and considerations can be discussed with the financial counselor.

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