•Medical Director: Khan Noohani, MD
•Program Director: Carissa Doty, RN
•Social Worker: Veronne Heitman, MA, LMSW
•Activity Director: Glenda Jacobs
•Unit Manager: Carey Palmer

Geriatric Behavioral Health

Our Behavioral Health Unit is a comprehensive in-patient program providing services in conjunction with Quality Healthcare, Incorporated. BHU specializes in treating geriatric mental health conditions that have not responded to outpatient treatment, and may cause the patient to be a danger to himself/herself, others or property.

BHU focuses on the treatment of depression, anxiety, mild to moderate psychosis, dementia, self-care deficits and other acute psychiatric conditions.

Our intensive, multi-disciplined approach combines the skills and insights of nurses, social workers, activity therapists and psychologists, under the supervision of a psychiatrist, to provide appropriate, high quality care for every geriatric patient.

A Typical Program Consists Of:

• Comprehensive Assessment
• Development of Individualized Treatment Plan
• Complete psychiatric evaluation, history and physical exam
• Intensive group and/or individual therapy

How Do You Know If BHU Is Right For Your Loved One?

It can be difficult or even painful to conclude that your older loved one may require this kind of care. Below you will find a link to 11 questions that can help you understand your loved one’s condition more clearly, and make the decision to seek more highly-specialized care.