Residential Care

Sumner Regional Medical Center’s Residential Care unit is an excellent intermediate solution for patients unable or unsure about returning home following a long illness or surgery. Depending on availability, we can accommodate patients for a few days or as long as necessary to achieve a level of wellness that allows them to return to their regular lifestyle.

Our unit is also an option for permanent residency for a loved one requiring a high level of nursing care in the last years of life—or until alternate arrangements can be made at a nursing home or other long-term care facility.

Upon admission to the Residential Care Program, each new resident is assessed by a nurse to determine the level of care required and to create a pricing structure for that care. The unit offers 24-hour nursing services. No doctors orders are required for admission, but a physician is always on call as needed.

Residential Care rooms are located on the second floor of the hospital, near the Skilled Nursing Facility and nurses’ station.

Available Services Include

  • Meals (modified therapeutic diets as prescribed)
  • Room
  • Television set
  • Personal services as required for the health, safety, grooming and well being of the resident
  • Linens and bedding
  • Laundry services for hospital owned clothing items
  • Assistance and/or supervision with activities of daily living when required
  • Supportive equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers

620-326-7451, Ext. 333